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Our Tobacco department’s journey traces its roots to 2001 when we ventured into the tobacco industry. This expansion was deeply rooted in our family’s heritage, as George R. Fattouh’s great grandfather, on his mother’s side, was a respected tobacco leaf trader. His family owned cigarette factories in Lebanon and Iraq, including Abdallah and Berjaoui in Lebanon and Masnaa al Sharq in Iraq, though both were eventually nationalized.

Today, we stand as a trusted partner in the tobacco and non-tobacco ingredients industry, representing some of the largest global brands. Our expertise goes beyond product supply; we offer invaluable consultancy services and project development support. With a commitment to quality, professionalism, and a passion for our work, we continue to thrive in this specialized field.

Explore our offerings and experience our dedication to excellence in the tobacco industry.

Tobacco Materials

Non-Tobacco Materials

Our Brands

Whether you are looking to start a Tobacco related project or you already did, we have all you need!


We offer expert advice to navigate the complexities of the tobacco industry, ensuring optimized decisions and effective strategies.

Feasibility Study

We conduct thorough assessments and analyses to determine the viability and potential success of your projects.


We develop comprehensive and tailored strategies to achieve your business goals and gain a competitive edge in the dynamic tobacco market.


We efficiently implement and execute strategic plans, using our industry insights to drive growth in your tobacco business.