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In our FOOD INGREDIENTS department, we focus on importing and distributing essential raw materials and semi-finished products tailored for the Chocolate and Confectionery Industry. We proudly represent major brands and are deeply rooted in the market with a strong presence.

Our journey began decades ago with a passion for delivering quality ingredients that elevate the art of confectionery. Over the years, we have cultivated partnerships with chocolate factories, pastry and bakery shops, ice cream manufacturers, and biscuit and wafer producers, among others. Our commitment lies in ensuring a seamless supply of top-quality ingredients, empowering our partners in crafting exquisite treats and confections.

We don’t just see ourselves as suppliers; we are reliable partners dedicated to the success of our clients. Our team provides unmatched support and service, making us a trusted name in the industry. From cocoa to confectionery, we are committed to being your go-to source for premium ingredients and unwavering support.







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Cocoa Center

At our Cocoa Center, we’re more than just suppliers of raw materials; we’re your partners in innovation. Our dedicated team specializes in Research and Development (R&D), providing cutting-edge solutions to propel your chocolate and confectionery creations to new heights.

Our team of experts are here to support you with the feasibility study, provide you with the right recipes and range of ingredients, or help with any type of consultation.

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